What’s in a name?

Heather Matarazzo

This is not a typical blog piece, though nothing about me is typical, so it fits appropriately.

I have been hesitant to write anything about my life that is deeply personal, because that requires an incredible willingness on behalf of the writer to be vulnerable and honest. However, I am always up for a challenge.

I’m 9 or 10 years old. I’ve snuck into my parents’ bedroom and am quietly walking across their carpet, praying that I don’t make a sound. I open their closet and find the brown metal box. My heart is pounding, hands shaking. I crouch down, balancing on the balls of my feet, ready to jump up and escape at the potential first creak of the stairs. Silence. So far so good. I lift the top up slowly. It doesn’t betray me by squeaking. I’m grateful. My little fingers search through the vanilla colored tabs labeled…

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Mary Frey


Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 16.44.04

Untitled from the series Family, Friends and Strangers by Mary Frey

Mary Frey is a prominent photographer and Professor of Photography at Hartford Art School, Connecticut, USA. I first came across her work in the catalogue of Pleasures and Terrors of Domestic Comfort, the influential MoMA exhibition of 1991, so I was particularly excited when she agreed to be interviewed here. Her work demonstrates a sharpness of eye and meticulous technique and her concepts, although seemingly banal, renew my faith in everyday wonder and photography’s ability to take those moments and immortalise them. For me, it was a pleasure to discover her continued devotion to photography and her considered approach. I’ll let you enjoy it for yourself.

Can you tell us about when you first discovered photography? 

As a child, I loved to paint and draw and excelled in my art classes. In addition I grew up close to NYC…

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On Manliness and Joan Didion

Letters to the Catholic Right

image [Manliness is having a moment right now. So is Joan Didion. Let’s see if we can bring the two together.]


First, a parable for manliness in the 21st Century: My daughter, who is four, came with me to the ranch this week. My wife, who stayed home, sent her off looking cute in boots and cowgirl hat over a pair of pigtail braids. image While I worked, my daughter followed behind me, chopping the ends off of cedar branches with a miniature set of clippers and throwing the pieces onto the brush piles I was building. Then she helped me find firewood, and then we roasted hot dogs and made s’mores and shared stories and jokes until bedtime.

The next morning in the ranch house, as I was helping get her dressed, I started to pull her hair into a ponytail. “No,” she said, “I want a braid.” I started…

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Love’s Oven is Warm: Baking with Emily Dickinson

Rachel Hope Cleves

“Love’s oven is warm” Emily Dickinson wrote to her friend Sarah Tuckerman, on a note that enclosed a gift of slightly scorched handmade sweets, possibly chocolate caramels. If the words were by any other author, one would be forgiven for reading in them a possible sexual double entendre. But Emily Dickinson is enshrined in our memory as the ultimate virgin, the “Queen Recluse” as her friend, the editor Samuel Bowles, described the poet. Dressed always in white, she rarely left her house for thirty years, spending her days tucked away in an upstairs room, writing nearly two thousand poems that few people knew existed until well after her death.

Of course, scholars and fans have long made a cottage industry of identifying Dickinson’s secret failed love affairs: the broken engagement to her brother Austin’s Amherst classmate George Gould; the impossible love for the married Samuel Bowles; the late-life affair with her father’s friend, Judge Otis Phillips…

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Six months. Two wheels. 50 GPS doodles.

Sketchbook of a GPS Artist

Since I started pedalling my art on the streets of Victoria on the first day of 2015, I’ve amassed a portfolio of 50 GPS doodles – 34 pictures, 11 bike-writing messages and five creations that comprise a combination of both. Click on the poster below to see 31 of my favourites…plus the one that started it all!

Below the poster, I’ve included the link to each featured GPS doodle and its accompanying write-up.

GPSdoodles.com Garmin GPS Strava art by Stephen Lund in Victoria BC street art urban art GPS=tracking art 32 of the 50 GPS doodles Stephen Lund has created since January 1, 2015, using his bicycle, his Garmin Edge 800, tens of thousands of calories and a whole lot of creative energy




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GUEST POST: Max Gladstone on Bees and Diversity

Intellectus Speculativus

LastFirst_v2_textMax Gladstone is the author of the amazing Craft Sequence, the first-or-fourth installment of which came out on Tuesday, titled Last First Snow. Since Dr Liz Bourke turned me on to the series, back with Three Parts Dead, I’ve been a huge admirer of the diverse, brilliantly-executed, fascinating, urban economic-legal fantasy that Gladstone has been writing, so I jumped at the offer of a guest-post from the man himself when offered it.

On asking Twitter what the topic of the post should be, the overwhelming response was “bees”; as an alternative, I asked about Gladstone’s choice to write from marginalised viewpoints (most notably, a disabled trans woman of colour in Full Fathom Five). It turns out that, as only a writer of his calibre could, he managed to meld both topics into one in this essay…
I suspect most people feel more or less the…

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Korsel Sesali Penolakan Korut Pada Tawaran Perundingan:

Rimanews – Korea Selatan menyuarakan penyesalannya atas penolakan Korea Utara pada tawaran untuk melakukan pembicaraan di berbagai tingkatan saat kedua negara itu bersiap untuk memperingati ulang tahun ke-70 pembebasan Semenanjung Korea dari penjajahan Jepang.
Pekan lalu, juru bicara parlemen Seoul Chung Ui-Hwa telah menggunakan peringatan 15 Agustus sebagai tonggak untuk menawarkan pembicaraan dengan timpalannya dari Korea Utara, Kim Yong-Nam.
Pada hari yang sama, Kementerian Pertahanan Korsel meminta Pyongyang untuk menghadiri Dialog Pertahanan Seoul pada September, sebuah forum keamanan yang diikuti 30 negara termasuk Amerika Serikat dan Tiongkok yang juga telah diundang.
Tapi Pyongyang menolak kedua usulan itu pada akhir pekan, dan menyebut itu sebagai upaya “tak tahu malu” untuk menyembunyikan kebijakan bermusuhan Seoul terhadap Korea Utara.
“Kami merasa sangat menyesalkan bahwa Korea Utara menolak tawaran dan meremehkan upaya kami untuk berdialog,” kata juru bicara Kementerian Unifikasi Seoul Jeong Joon-Hee.
“Kami berharap bahwa Korea Utara akan menanggapi tawaran kami untuk melakukan pembicaraan dan mengambil jalan untuk kemajuan hubungan antar-Korea,” kata Jeong kepada wartawan.
Komite Korea Utara untuk Reunifikasi Damai Korea, yang menangani hubungan lintas perbatasan, mengatakan bahwa latihan militer bersama Korea Selatan dengan pasukan Amerika Serikat awal tahun ini mengungkapkan “kemunafikan” dari tawaran perdamaian itu.
Korea Utara telah terbiasa mengecam latihan militer tahunan gabungan itu dan menyebut mereka sebagai latihan untuk perang.
Ketegangan lintas-perbatasan telah berkobar secara berkala tahun ini, dengan Korea Utara melakukan serangkaian tes rudal balistik akibat marah terhadap latihan militer itu.
Dan Pyongyang juga marah atas pembukaan kantor baru Perserikatan Bangsa Bangsa di Seoul bulan lalu yang dipergunakan untuk memantau catatan hak asasi manusia Korea Utara yang secara luas dikritik.
Ulang tahun ke 70 pembebasan dari kekuasaan Jepang tahun ini telah disebut-sebut sebagai kesempatan bagi kedua Korea, yang secara teknis masih berperang, membuat beberapa isyarat rekonsiliasi.
Tapi rencana untuk menggelar semacam perayaan bersama telah gagal terwujud.


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